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Leather-Trimmed Interiors

Classic Soft Trim offers vertually limitless customization options including the most desired styles available in the industry today.


2 tone


Two-tone interiors are among the most popular customization options. Consists of inserts or full center sections of seats in a color contrasting to the bolster and seats.



Double stitching is sewn using a color that contrasts the leather. If you want a distinctive look, contrast stitching will make the difference!


Allows better "breathing" between the leather and the occupant. Most often used to create a sporty look within a two-tone interior.


Add dramatic contrast or subtle elegance with welt cord enhancement of your leather trimmed seams.


Personalized Interiors

Contrast Stitch

Add personalization to your leather interiors with embroidered lLogos created with stitching in up to 3 colors.

Or add logos of your choice with HEAT SEAL where logos are pressed into the leather for a subtle look.

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CST is the world’s leading aftermarket provider of leather-trimmed interiors, partnering with OEMs such as Ford Racing, Isuzu, Nissan, Subaru, and Toyota Racing.

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