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Leather Interior Warranty

CST Leather Interior Warranty

Classic Soft Trim is the Nation’s largest installer of Automotive Premium Leather Interiors, Power Sunroofs and Mobile Video Systems.  If you’ve purchased our products, you’re covered! 

No other Premium Leather Interior offers a lifetime warranty to the vehicle’s original owner!  Coast to coast your Premium Leather Interior and Power Sunroof are safe from defects of craftsmanship and material. Please reference the warranty copy in your vehicle if you have a quality question. An inspection sticker in your driver’s door jam will help any service professional at any dealership take care of any concerns you may have. Please forward the Inspecting Employee Number on the sticker when addressing any concerns. 

We hope you’ve made your car, your way and thank you for your patronage with Classic Soft Trim. 



2007 Classic Soft Trim
Leather Warranty


PDF2007 Classic Soft Trim
Sunroof Warranty

* To obtain warranty repair or replacement, present your warranty claim to an authorized dealership or distributor. Any product to be sent to Classic Soft Trim for warranty repair or replacement must be pre-authorized. All warranty claims are at the discretion of Classic Soft Trim.

** Classic Soft Trim reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue products without any obligation in regards to products previously manufactured.

Protect Your Warranty


The following are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to your Premium Leather Interior and your Power Sunroof. 

DOWNLOAD Warranty Protection Tips

Video Systems

Keep everyone happy and enjoying the trip with Rosen video entertainment system. Superior video quality with easy to use controls. Headrest and 10.2 inch flip down video systems include built in games with controller 3 years/36,000 mile warranty.

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